Wednesday, August 16, 2017


XAF offers mobile support long time and the XAF team is constantly adding new features and modules, I guess the out of CTP mode is close enough. So its about time to support the mobile platform from our community project (eXpandFramework).

Long story short: eXpandFramework up to now only recognized two contexts (Win, Web), this will change from v17.1.5.2 where a Mobile context is introduced.

What this means for you?

At the moment there are no new mobile modules released, however you are now able to use eXpandFramework your agnostic modules that reference eXpandFramwork in the mobile platform.

p.s.: All easytests for the Win, Web platform still pass on every release, but at the moment there are no tests for the mobile. but its on schedule.

Looking forward for your feedback at

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sending modifer keys to client over RDP

Those of you that use Remote Desktop connection you probably noticed that some key combinations like CTRL+ALT+UpArrow are not passed to the client.

I looked everywhere but I could;t locate a ready solution so in invented one with the use of AutoHotKey.

Install AutoHotKey on both machines and create a Autohotkey script (a file with ahk extension) for the host machine and enter:


This will replace all key strokes that use the left alt key with the Control + AppsKey(the one that opens the context menu when right click).

and for the client machine similarly to switch back you need a second script with the following command


I am using this workaround for a week now with no issues, hope it helps some of you.

p.s. : if you have a better way, please post in comments


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